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The Topic of the ESO Battle System

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When I play The Elder Scrolls Online, I find there are many players who are not familiar with the fight system of ESO.  Personally, the game has great difference with other MMORPGS. Thus, I publish the post which helps you know more about the game.

1.  The basic battle operation
There are eight basic skills for each role in the game.
 - Light Attack: The left-click. Light attack is the most common skill. It has different with different weapon and equipment.
 - Heavy Attack: Hold down the left. According to the length of time to charge, Heavy attack can cause different damage. If the enemy has lost its balance, you can knock down it for 2 seconds. Within 2 seconds, the damage of Heavy attack is significantly improved, about 50%.
    (According to weapons, heavy attack is quite different. For instance, the heavy attack of Thunder Staff and therapeutic Staff is guided type, while heavy attack of bows is not automatically released in the maximum charge.
-Block: Hold down the right. Block can consume Stamina and reduce all damage (including spells). Its effective range is 180 degrees in the front. It makes enemies out of balance to succeed in blocking enemies’ special attacks.
(In the early success of the first test, players’ successful block can block others’ heavy attack. But the block has been modified in the recent test; otherwise no one dares to use heavy attack in PVP.)
-Spell When to Interrupt: click the left while to hold down the right. The skill can consume stamina. It can succeed in interrupting spelling and break the enemies’ balance. Of course, it is useful in PVP.
-An Enhanced Alliance/ Horde Emblem: In CC, click the right and the left. The skill can use lots of stamina which has extra six-second immune to all type of abnormal state.
  (For example, the skill has me be immune to faint and fear for six seconds if I feel faint and fear.)
- Evasion: Double click the direction key. You can adjust the sensitivity settings to change attack range. It consumes stamina.
- Sprint: Hold down the shift. It improves running speed with stamina consumption
- Stealth: Press Ctrl. Stealth movement can reduce speed. It consumes stamina while you move. But it is Stealth attack that you attack enemies while they will not find you, which causes huge damage for enemies.

2. Other skills
 - Skills are generally no cooling time. So you have to adjust your skills according to your magic or stamina regeneration.
In addition to the game guide spell (not including the guided heavy attack), the other skills can be cast while you move, but the casting can reduce your movement speed.
-After level 15, you can swift a set of weapons in the battle or a skill bar (press “~”), which makes you with 12 skills (10 ordinary skills and 2 finishing skills).  You may frequently change your skills I PVP. For example, stun the enemy first and then immediately switched treatment arms or skills to recover blood.



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