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ESO VR12 Templar Build: Burst Tank With Amazing Spell Crit

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This is the Veteran Rank 12 Templar build from Kristofer Sommer in The biggest features of the build are that the Templar with heavy armor can maximizing spell, weapon penetration. And the Templar can restore Magicka quickly. It is well-know that more Magicka is equivalent to higher damage. Thus, this build is good at solo PVP.


The Templar is from Nord race. In fact, there is no limit of races in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Most of abilities of the Templar tank are cost depending on Magicka. But attribute poinsts are equally distributed into Magicka, Stamina and Health. Magicka Coins are slightly more than Stamina and Health.

Health: 16


There are two sets of weapon. Weapon I is used for solo PVP and Weapon can be applies in PVE.

Weapon I. A two-handed sword

ESO VR12 Templar Build: Burst Tank With Amazing Spell Crit

1. Biting Jabs. It is AOE to deal magic damage to enemies. This ability can increase critical hit chans up to 70% when enemies have low Health.
2.  Critical Rush. It deals physical damage as well as critical damage.
3.  Radiant Aura. This is a good ability to recover Stamina and Health by 15%.
4.  Harness Magicka. It can reduce spell damage from enemies.
5.  Blazing Shield. It creates damage shield for 30% Max Health that lasts 6 seconds.
R.  Crescent Sweep. The ultimate ability can deal 28 magic damage to all nearby enemies. It creates damage shield for 30% Max Health that lasts six seconds. Each nearby target increases shield strength by 4%. Returns 53% of dmage taken to nearby enemies when effect ends.

Weapon II. A one-hand sword and a shield

ESO VR12 Templar Build: Burst Tank With Amazing Spell Crit

1. Solar Barrage. This ability deal magic damage. It can cause bonus to the next attack which is affected gains weapon damage and spell damage. Thus it is good to cast Solar Barrage as the fist attack.
2.  Explosive Charge. It is a control AOE ability to interrupt casters and stunn casting targets for 3 seconds.
3.  Extended Ritual. It can remove a negative effect.
4.  Blinding Flashes. It is another control ability for Templar.
5.  Honor The Dead. This is healing ability. It is capable of restoring Magicka when healing low Health Allies.
R.  Crescent Sweep.

ESO Armors

Since Update 3 was launched, of passives of Heavy Armor restores magicka and stamina when classes take damage. And the Templar is equipped with five Heavy Armor and two Light Armor.

Two pieces of Warlock sets (Light Armor) are to add Magicka recovery. Thus, you can see the Templar can quickly restore Magicka in the following video:




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