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Elder Scrolls Online 1400+DPS PVE Nightbalde Build

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This build is to introduce the PVE Nightblade with 1400+ DPS, who mailly deal magic damage.

Elder Scrolls Online 1400+DPS PVE Nightbalde Build

This class is from the race, Wood Elf. First of all, look at his stats.All attribute Coins are added in Health. Magicka and Stamina are supported by armors and potions. Since Patch 1.44, heavy attacks of dual wield weapon can restore Stamina.

Max Magicka: 1891
Max Health: 2550. Enough Health is to assure high rate of survival.
Max Stamina: 1257. Staimina is used to blocking , dodging and sprinting.

ESO Gears
Nightbladed is equipped with Light Armor, the Hunding’s Rage Sets and Heavy Armor, the Torug’s Pact sets.
Robe of Hunding’s Rage/ Gloves of Hunding’s Rage/ Dagger of Torug’s Pact
Pauldron of Torug’s Pact/ Greaves of Torug’s Pact

Two Rings : Ring of Soulshine, to add 70 Max Magicka.

Nightblade Abilities:
Nightblade uses dual-wield daggers as attack weapons in fights. This is a set of Nightblade’s abilities for PVE.

Elder Scrolls Online 1400+DPS PVE Nightbalde Build

1. Steel Tornado. It is AOE ability to deal 120 physical damae to all surrounding enemies.
2. Refreshing Path. Enemies in front of players take 50 magic damage every second for 11.5 seconds. This ability increases movement speed 50% for duration. It can heal self as well.
3. Swallow Soul. It instantly deals about 370+ magic damage and heals player for 25% of the dmage inflicted every two seconds for ten seconds.
4. Ambush. Players move through the shadows, appearign next to target. It deals about 350 magic damage to enemy and stuns monsters for 1.5 seconds. Next attack on target deals 36% additional damage.
5. Killer’s blade. It deals more than 200 magic damage. Lower Health targets take 300% additional damage. The ability also heals self for 18% Max Health when killing an enemy with this ability.
The ultimate ability: Soul Harves. It deal magick damage while reducing healing received by 50%. Damage inceases as caster’s ultimate charge increases, up to 275%.

Nightblade casts Ambush as the first attack. To enounter a group of enemies, he use AOE  ability Steel Tornado to slay. Whne Health is low, Refreshing Path  is useful akills to attack monsters as well as healing self. The ability rotation is listed as follows:

Ambush → Steel Tornado / Swallow Soul → Refreshing Path → Killer’s blade → Ambush

If ememies has low Health, Nightblade can cast Killer’s blade. In Fighting against powergul boss, Soul Harves will deal heavy damage.



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