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The Guide to Explore the ESO World

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Entering The Elder Scrolls, press “M” and you will see a blank map. I will show my idea about how I explore in the game world.

Lighting landmarks
As you continue to explore the game world, there are various landmarks on your map. While the landmarks appear, they are black with white side .
When you reach a specific condition, the landmarks become white with black side , which means you have complete specific quests in this area—I call this process as
Landmark Classification
According to the ways of lighting, I divide all landmarks can into the following categories:
Exploratory Type
As long as you reach the location of the icon, you can directly light the simple icons. Such landmarks include:
-WayCoins. You close and activate them. You can be transferred free between all wayCoins. For the non-wayCoin, you can pay for transfer.
If the interval between two paying transfer is too short, the costs will increase.
  -Pure exploration sites. You can light up them after reaching position.
- Special equipment manufacturing sites. They provides the production tables to manufacture equipment with the suit property. Manufacturing sites offe three tables for carpentry, clothing and blacksmith. They are used like an ordinary table. However, there are additional production requirements. Each site can be used as you must study two characteristics, produce items with the suit effect and then any of a three-piece suit can active the suit effect. Characteristics can refer to the article, Rosario’s life skills introduction:
The current three types of sets explored by as follows:


In final time to test, production requirements are reached. A set is successful produced. You can read my post "show off" in Baidu tieba: # 44394442914
-Guardian stone. It looks like the guardian in The Elder Scrolls V. So far, I just have found The Lover and The Lady . After activation,  the both can respectively increase armor and reduce spell damage.

Quest Type
Such type of landmarks is not uniform. Generally, one mark can stand for a position or a building. The area of a quest landmark support only one continues quest. After you complete the quest, the landmark will be light. Moreover, when your mouth Coin at the landmark on the “M” map, you can see the description of deeds you done.

The following pictures belong to the quest landmarks.

Killing Type
-Open Dungeons. They are the places like dungeons. You can see other players there.  There is a special NPC who has your name in the deepest dungeon. After killing it, you will get the presentation and related tips to unlock achievement.
The completion of killing landmark will make you gain experience as a reward, which is easier to get experience than complete other quests. Because of open dungeons, the special NPC may be killed by other gamers, then you need to wait to refresh.

 In addition, every open dungeon has it’s the Sky Pieces. Please don’t miss them.
-Wild elite. the monsters whose levels closes to the elite is more powerful while the monsters who levels lower the elite is weaker. To slay the monsters can have you finish prompt, unlock achievement and gain experience. 


Special Type
-Dungeons. There are three factions to offer a dungeon in the eso beta. There is a quest to explore the dungeon. You need to pay for reaching the dungeon.
-Portal World Events. Incident condition is unknown. I encounter the event when I wander on the map in the final stage of testing. 
First, a group of people put a sacrifice on the altar.
Then, there is a Portal in the sky.

I try to attack. Finally, I suffer a group of demons to fight back. The scene is extremely mess and I have no time to get screenshots.
I fight against demons with the nighblade bow. But I find the demons can refresh fast after I kill some. I try to close to the altar and discover the suspicious magic device.
Bows and career night against the edge of the super ability to survive and kite next deal ever and demons, but also discovered how to kill not only refresh very fast. I try close to the altar, under suspicious figure this magic device that can be used.
I attempt to blow demons away like kites and quickly close to the alter to active all magic devices. Unfortunately, there is a large elite boss to appear. As I slay the boss, the portal is destroyed.
The portal event is completed. There are lots of completion tips, achievements and experience to reward.
I want to complete another two portal events and light landmarks. But I do not know how to active them. At last, I give up.

Other fun to explore the world
In addition to lighting landmarks, there are the Sky Pieces and Books to explore in the world.
The Sky Pieces scattered throughout the game world. Three pieces can make you get one skill. You just note a soaring beam of light and do not miss it.
Find a variety of shelves and you will get specific books. The books can upgrade the levels of skills. It is another matter that the skill’s level is what you want.

The other books are the following, which is to gather elements. I don’t find their special uses.

So much for the topic. Thank you for you reading. I hope it is can help you know more about The Elder Scrolls Online.



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