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Analysis to Skills of ESO Templar and Dragon Knight and the Battle Experience

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I've seen a lot of ESO videos and researched ESO guides. I have many ideas about the game. Now, I want to share them with you.  I created two level 16 classes; one is Templar who are equipped with a bow or a two-handed weapon; the other is Dragon Knight who use a dual weapon or a sword with a shield.
First of all, I analyze the advantages and disadvantages of the two classes’ skills.

Analysis to the Templar’s skills

Aedricspear Series

Puncturing Strikes -The main attack skill. You can move and turn while you cast the skill. So it is flexible and has high damage. As to the advance branch of Puncturing Strikes, I choose to add attack range. The skill is cool to slay monsters and upgrade.
However, there is a shortage for the skill; this is the damage output of Puncturing Strike is divided into four phases, which refers to the reduction Mechanism of defense and resistance. As I cast the skill, I feel that damage reduction is not calculated as a percentage (I’m sorry that I don’t know the computational formula); this is, the more attacks, the more defend reduction. For example, you attack target four times and the target can has four chances to get defend reduction.

Piercing Javelin –The high consumption of Magicka. Its damage is just so-so. Its advance branch is to add falling effect, which is powerful to be a strong player. The other branch is worse with low damage.

Focused Charge –Range and the high consumption of Magicka. Its damage is not bad. You can find it if you are the class with swords and shield. So far, there are three attack skills to rush. However, they all have a weakness, which is that your character will be hindered by uneven terrain.

Dawnswrath series

Sun Fire –The powerful skill. It has the medium consumption of Magicka, high damage and 28-meter attack range. It can be called a masterstroke in terms of its strong tracking thought its ballistic is slow.
Its branch has two more fire balls to attack three targets. Sun fire is necessary to slay bosses.

Solar Flare –The 28-meter attack range and the low consumption of Magicka. It is a single projectile with high damage. One hit can make enemy to lose lots of Health, but it need 1.5 seconds charge which can reduce its power. The advance branch can reduce target’s healing ability. It is good to use in PVP as well. Its other branch seems a different skill, which has 8-metre AOE, damage reduction and instant release.

Backlash –The low consumption of Magicka. The skill can strengthen output. It can accumulate all damage from enemies for 6 seconds and then flashily release its damage.

Restoringlight Series

Restoringlight Series is about all sorts of adding Health auxiliary, which is not suited to me. Thus, I do not talk about it here.


Analysis to Dragon Knight

Ardentflame Series

Fiery Grip –The main skill of Dragon Knight. With the high Magicka consumption, it is not used to kill monsters. It is terrible to be drew into a group of monsters as you cast the skill.

Searing Strike –The quite low Magicka consumption and quick casting speed. You can use it at random. It has heavy damage but requires 8-second DOT.

Fiery Breath –A cool AOE skill with the medium consumption of Magicka. It is low damage and needs DOT. The DOT time of Searing Strike and Fiery Breath can be superimposed.

Lava Whip  -The medium Magicka consumption and low damage. I’ve not got it and just saw it in a video. For the date about the skill, it seems a good skill. I think Lava Whip is the skill for outputting Dragon Knight.

Earthenheart Series

Stonefist –The main control. It is the strongest skill with little damage and high Magicka.

Molten Weapon –As to buff, it is no good.

Obsidian Shield –A neglected skill. It is powerful to build a shield immediately. The defense of the shield is as high as what healing knights use Magicka to make within 2 seconds.


The battle Experience

Finally, I share my strategy. Although most of ESO skills are released instantly, the convergence between skills has obvious interval like common attack skills. The shortest interval time is about 0.7 second; the longest is 2 seconds. There are details I found:
-To continuously cast the simultaneous skills, the interval can become shorter.
-To cast two different skills can grow interval time when you can release a common skill at a time. Moreover, the ending action of the common skill has no effect on other skills. Therefore, you can cast a common skill between powerful skills to add your damage.
-At the same instant mad skills by continuous casting relatively short intervals;
 For instance, my Dragon Knight has a suit of Combo, which output two defuffs and DOTs.
Piercing javelin+ common attack skills + Searing Strike+ common attack skills+ Fiery breath + common attack skills
I use common attack skills for three times to add my output damage.
-Templar continually uses Puncturing Strikes to increase interval. Thus, you can insert common attack skills between Puncturing Strikes.

-Personally, I consider that Templar is the best choice for Archer. With Puncturing Strikes and Sun Fire, it is convenient for you to remotely attack.
-If you enter ESO battlefields, you’d better fight with others so as to avoid the heavy damage from a certain powerful boss. As we all know, the rhythm of ESO battlefields is very fast and the first to attack can get rich awards. What’s more, you are able to sneak to attack the opponent from their back in battlefields. It is efficient that you can make a voice team to attack.
-It is better to use a bow when you work as a team. Remote attack is good for you as well as a wand. What you note is that you don’t attack your enemies without a weapon. Even if they are quite weak, the result of you rushing into enemies is death.




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