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The Detail Introduction to ESO Skills, Attributes and Equipment

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I'm so lucky to participate in the beta of The Elder Scrolls Online. It is easy for me to enter the game without a little conflict and strangeness. I reached level 17 in that beta. I barely complete all Ebonheart Pact quests and activate various map marks. Here is my idea about the game beta to help you know about the game.
the eso map 

Passing Teaching
The this map of the game is for beginners when you enter the game and it just is teaching so as to make beginners be familiar with a variety of skills and basic operations. As beginners, you can choose you initial weapons and then choose the first skill for you class. the next step is to experience battle. You know about story and open boxes. After finishing those, you will pass teaching and officially entered beginner village. 
the eso prophet
Skills Collocation
Generally, you can upgrade to level 3 and get two skills in the beginner village. After completing the quest which Prophet gives you, there is another skill you gain. You can freely match the three skills with six kinds of weapons according to three different classes. Moreover, there is the spell skill “Soul Trap” in the game for you. In all, you can four skills, which have you multiple choices and gameplay. Besides, The Elder Scrolls Online differ from some of online game where there is only one boring skill to cut enemies all the time. On the contrary, the classes in the game have varieties of basic movements, such as heavy attack, slight attack, block, block interpretation, rolling, creeping and jumping. It is funny for you.

Attribute Addition
The classes can add one attribute Coin per level, so you can freely choose to add Magicka, Health or Stamina.
It is said that the damage of skills can rise if you choose to increase Magicka or Stamina. With added +1 Magicka, the skill which consumes Magicks can add one Coin of damage but the skill to consume can not. If you choose Health, the value of Health will grow without any bonus.
eso attributes


Equipment Manufacturing
Then this time, you must consider your equipment if you want to wear a prison uniform. Firstly, it is the choice of the light or heavy armor. Basically, the magic classes choose light armor; the physical output choose medium armor as well as the damage reduction classes. Of course, it is possible that you put the visual effect in the first place, ignoring armor skills.
How to choose the first equipment for your poor character when she or he set out from hell? You need to use this all kinds of production skills to newly add in the game. Various ESO production skills is quite thoughtful set for players without any difficulty. You do not any pre-preparation; it is easy for you earn money. I suggest that you manufacture your first equipment by your production skills.
The fabric to manufacture light armor can be collected from the wild plant called JUTE (jute fiber), I’m sorry it is no screenshot.
The leather for Medium Armor is easily gained through killing animals and getting RAWHIDE SCRAPS (no screenshot).
The material of heavy armor is iron. You can collective IRON ORE in the wild. Apart from manufacture armor, Iron can be used to make different weapons, 
eso iron ore 
By the way, you can collect other materials, like Potency Rune in the following picture. 
eso potency rune 
The Maple is to manufacture bows or wands.
poe maple 
In addition, you can collect various herbs to make potion. Each material has four effects.
There is a variety of ingredients. Cooking is currently the only exceptional production system to require drawing. So when there is no drawing, do not pick up too much food with you, accounting for your room.
Then each production has a corresponding table. You just find them inside the city. Then click “use” and start manufacture.
Production user interface is simple. And I think you can use it quickly. But I still list two problems about the production equipment.

  1.  How to make raw materials? For example, iron ore is made to iron ingot.  Look at the below picture, there are the third options in EXTRACTION in blacksmith workbench. Select the rightmost RAW MATERIALS on the line. Other raw materials manufacturing do like that.
  2.  Why the third and fourth columns are red in manufacturing. Do not worry about that. Actually, the third is the choice for weapon style, this is, the appearance of weapons. It is fixed for each class to make their own race-style equipment. You just have the special stone to shape your weapons. The stone can be got from blacksmith businessman according to your own race. The fourth column is additional-weapon characteristics, which are enhanced through the research and the need for weapons in the late. You just choose "no trait". Then do the legendary whiteboard equipment.
eso weapon creation 
Now, you have equipment and skill and adventure in The Elder Scrolls Online. Have a good time!



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