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The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide

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A sentence guide: after you reach the veteran level, the level 1~50 normal quests is no longer very useful for you to upgrade in The Elder Scrolls online. The basic reason is that those quests just reward you about 6.000 experience Coins but the veteran level 1 requires 900,000 experience Coins at least. Thus, it is necessary for you to activate the maps where every quest can provide over 20,000 experience Coins. The most importance of the guide is how to find the those quests

What is the “Objective”?

First of all, there is the explanation of “Objective”.
The most obvious difference between Objective quests and normal quests is that Objective usually includes a story line, such as saving a village or defeating some invaders.

The level 1 Objective quest can supply more than 20,000 experience Coins as rewards. The higher the level is, the more experience you gain.

How to find and identify the Objective quests?

In general, the Objective quests are divided into three categories.

The first category is the Coining quests I call. It is easy for some players to be misled by the guide; they don’t accept such quests. When you complete an Objective quest, the Coining quest will Coin at the next objective quest. The feature of the Coining quests is to display green words while you open the map and put cursor on the quest pin.
The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide 

As long as you just go to the next objective quest and talk with NPC, you will get 6,000 experience Coins and accept the current objective quest.

The second category is the icon quests, which we often call “Lighten Icon". When you accept such a quest, there are some tips to tell you that the quest is a Objective. You usually find the second category of quests around the icons or at the door of the icons. If there is no Coining quest to show you, you can find them on your map by your own.
The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide 

Please note “Started: xxxxxx OBJECTIVE” when you accept the quests. In fact, the words, “Started: xxxxxx OBJECTIVE”, express that is a Objective. (Without such words, it is a normal quest.) Once you complete the second category of objective quests, the icons on the map will be lighten up and you can be rewarded rich experience Coins.

Be different from the second category, the third category of Objective quests is the main map quests, which is the main story line on the map. Most importantly, the third category of Objective quests is the key to unlock the next veteran faction. Therefore, you have to complete them. You can know about them in the second quest page, Cadwell’s Almanac.
The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide 

Build a team and complete icons.
After you complete current level Objective quests by yourself, you gains about 50% of experience. Then, you need join a team to explore.  After you can slay all skeletons, challenge all dungeons and Dark Anchors, the icons will be lighten up on your current map and you obtain as many experience Coins as you complete a Objective quest.

In the process of your solo dungeons, you will accept a normal quest. Personally, I think the normal quest is worth your accepting, because it is easy to complete. Similar to the Coining objective quest, there is nothing to do but just talk with NPC.


The following is the Objective quest lines of the EP DC faction. (If you find out errors, please correct)
Red Circle—Map Mainline
Blue Circle—Objective
Yellow Box—Icons completed by a team

 The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide

The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide


 The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide


 The Elder Scrolls Online Veteran Leveling Guide

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