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Buy ESO Items and Experience More Updated Content in ESO

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As fans of ESO, you should experience the veteran adventure zone Craglorn and 12-player Trials in Patch 1.1. According to the design concept, Elder Scrolls Online has more interesting and challenging veteran content in the future.

Classes. ESO classes will be upgrade. The ESO designers will do some minor adjustments. Dragonknight is stronger in the future, to make the class more interesting. A lot of players said Nightblade is a little weak, which will be adjusted.

Battlefield. The designers will add some small battlefield, to make PVP more Intensive.

Items. More excellent items with good attributes are added in the game, but it is more difficult to gain them. The soft caps of the items will be increased, which players don’t no longer easily exceed.

Veteran Ranks. Based on the current patch 1.1, there are more challenging veteran rank dungeons like Craglorn to add. A new VR12 dungeon, Crypt of Hearts, is the continuation of the Cryt of Hearts. In addition, the ESO designers allow that the dungeon can be unlocked in accordance with the header of a group. This means that you will be able to challenge low-level dungeons with your allies and obtain corresponding awards.

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